My Universal Locker
We provide digital lockers and related items, from a range of global manufacturers, with multiple and customised designs, various applications and our award-winning technology, to ensure that we can solve all scenarios that occur in last-mile delivery and collection.
My Universal Locker
Digital lockers key elements:
  • Customizable
  • Secure and Robust in design
  • Robust reporting
  • 24/7 Access to Service Teams
  • Superior Technology
  • Access to parts guaranteed, anywhere in the world
  • Indoor and Outdoor application
  • Works with dedicated power or solar
  • Allow pickups as well as returns
  • CCTV Remote Monitored to ensure ultimate customer and product protection
  • Multiple billing permutations are facilitated
Residential & Office
The TVP Electronic locker Residential and Office application is designed for facilitation of:
Ecommerce Deliveries to Housing Estates, Apartment Buildings, High Density Offices receiving multiple Ecommerce Shipments and Residential Shared Collection areas such as Regional Malls, Filling Stations and Supermarkets. The unique technology allows for load access from multiple shippers, or one if preferred, online notifications and activations and most importantly safe and secure Ecommerce returns.
The TVP Electronic locker Residential and Office application allows for:
  • Verified collections for Registered Items
  • Pin Based Notifications and Collections
  • Finger Print Based Collections
  • COD (Credit or Debit Card) Collection
  • Short- or Long-term rentals
The Key to the application is that the TVP Electronic locker assists in creating a defined safe and controlled environment. The responsibility of securing the item is shifted to the scholar or student, not the institution.
Schools and Universities
The TVP Electronic locker Schools and Universities application is designed for high value items that need to be secured at educational institutions.
The unique technology allows for secure storage of cell phones, laptops, keys and other items of a high-risk nature that may accompany scholars or students to educational institutions.
The TVP Electronic locker Schools and Universities application allows for:
  • Charging of devices whilst being stored
  • Secure lockup facilities
  • Reduces risk to institution of liability of product safekeeping